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****** 2015 Best and the most Addictive Memory Game in the store! ******Brain Wars is highly addictive and simple in the same time game! Give your brain a test; this game helps you to practice your memory!WHY SHOULD YOU PLAY THIS GAME:Short-term memory reflects our brain's conscious awareness. We rely on short-term memory as we carry out everyday activities like remembering a phone number long enough to call it. As its name implies, our short-term memory allows us to retain information for a brief period of time. How much information can short-term memory hold? Researchers have devised a number of precise procedures for determining short-term memory capacity. These procedures have yielded data showing that a typical adult’s memory span is approximately 7 (between 5 and 9) unrelated items.How retentive is your Short-Term Memory? Find out with this memory game.This memory game offers a good brain exercise for everyone. It is the best memory testing game for: kids, adults, boys, girls, men, women, even seniors (grandmas and grandpas). No age restriction at all.Brain Wars Key Features: • Very easy to play but hard to master, ;) • Very fun and exciting game that all kids and adults will enjoy ! • Like said, Extremely Addictive!!! • Free-to-play

DayDayUp Studio
Android 2.2+
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