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Build a bridge over treacherous waterfalls and then race your truck across your creation. Hope that your bridge engineering skills are sufficient or your truck, trailer and payload will go plummeting into the ravine. Combining puzzle games with racing games, Build A Bridge is a one of kind experience that will test your problem solving skills and driving skills. Choose from a line up of 10 jacked up trucks and customize the color to your liking. Upgrade the power of your truck so it can pull bigger loads. Earn coins by successfully crossing a bridge, and use your earnings to buy bigger trucks and bigger loads.

Locations include a rocky cliff ravine, desert sandstone canyon, mudslide road washout, and a global warming melting glacier. Loads include oil barrels, farm tractors, heavy construction equipment, and even a jet airplane and helicopter. Are you ready to take on serious delivery jobs for big payouts?

At the start of each level you are presented with a selection of stones and logs to build a bridge across the valley. Each successive level gets more challenging and the valleys get deeper and deeper. Drag and drop the bridge-building objects, and use the buttons to rotate them to any angle you think is best. Make small adjustments to balance slabs of rock on pointed supports. You will need to be smart to get through all 40 levels, so you best get on your thinking cap. Let’s get to work!

StudyHall Entertainment
Android 2.3.2+
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