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Girls are you ready to be babysitter for today. Little baby pony is need care and babysitting today. Baby pony is sleeping please wake her nicely but be sure she will not get angry or else she will cry. We know you are super talented babysitter with medical skills to take care of her - can you help out? First of all, wake her nicely and caringly. Baby pony is crying please change her diaper, carefully remove it and place it in the dustbin, clean her with some warm water, clean her with special soft towel. Then apply some bits of a delicate baby pony powder and see if you can place a brand-new diaper. Very good, wait she is hungry feed her with milk. In the next level of this baby pony care game. You have to clean her ear. Use tweezers to remove the bugs from her ear. After removing bugs put drops of antiseptic in her ear. Do the same procedure with the other ear. Now it’s time to clean her nose use soft cotton to clean the nose, clean it nicely. This pony care games will teach you how to take care of baby pony. Fantastic now the mail task for this baby pony care game. Apply horse show on her each leg. Take hammer and put horseshoe on its perfect place. Be careful, don’t get her injured. Do this for all four legs. Excellent, now its bath time. These baby pony care games not only teach you how to take care of baby but also for other things like bathing and dressing her up. First put baby pony in her favorite bath tub, then open tap fill some warm water in the tub. Take special baby pony soap and spread on her body. Give her one toy in the bath tub so that she will be happy now put one florescent oil in her water. Take a brush and rub all over her body softly. Now put shower on her so that all soap foam will go. Take out her out of bath tub, take her favorite towel and dry her. Put on the dryer so that she will get dry. Excellent we hope you are enjoying out baby pony care game. Time for dress up. Choose any one nice dress from her wardrobe. You can choose different clothes hair styles and yes don’t forget about the tattoo on her back. Yes she is ready now go with her out to play. Enjoy our baby pony care game.

ToonZBox Entertainment
Android 2.3.2+
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