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Game Booster - Phone Cleaner is the world's simplest and elegant game management and enhanced application, it gives you the best game experience by solving ram manager and lagging in-game problems. Remove applications and unused jobs from memory. Game Booster - Phone Cleaner Accelerate phone preparation environment so you can play games in the best way. Increase the performance of your device with just 1 tap boost. ram optimizer and game optimizer many other things automatically for Gaming and maximum performance! This is All-In-One Toolbox (App Launcher, Booster & spped Optimizer) Game Booster - Phone Cleaner.Game Booster - Phone Cleaner application that speeds up your game. The free memory in the opening game frees up more space for your game to make your play smoother. Game Booster - Phone Cleaner frees your phone memory and does not use near apps, mobile phone / tasks to promote the best environment for your Android game. Game Booster - Phone Cleaner can make your game run faster, smart booster it frees up memory before launching your game. Boost games or apps, phone cooler and make games and apps run smoother. If you're tired of a speed game enough for your favorite games and apps, just download the app Best Speed Game Boost Phone clean master to get the best gameplay experience! Clean your memory booster to get 80% increase in phone speed!Game Booster - Phone Cleaner is the most powerful game management and speed booster application, it delivers the best gameplay experience by fixing phone lag and ram booster problems in games. Game Booster - Phone Cleaner will open up your phone potential and bring your gaming experience to the next level! Download FREE fast boosterWhat are the benefits for GAMER? - Game Booster - Phone Cleaner will open the actual performance of your Android device. If you want to see what your device can really do with maximum potencial, you should try it now! - Game Booster - Phone Cleaner optimizes your device to play games with a background service. It takes advanced CPU management under control and gives you maximum performance with just one touch! You can use Booster application to clear memory, wifi booster, phone optimizer for any application!Rooting your device is not required, it's just not required. If you have root, you can use Speed Game Boost Phone junk cleaner mode to adjust your device to maximum speed. If you do not have a root, you can still use App Booster to achieve performance! If you combine Game Booster - Phone Cleaner + App Booster methods, cache files you get maximum performance! Advanced features (root required) - Use Game Booster - Phone Cleaner mode to boost the mobile security with maximum performance. - Play game with no latency, master clean power clean - volume booster, internet booster, signal booster, network network booster- Increase benchmark points (clear cache chrome, how to clear cookies), - Use App Booster to achieve performance. - Memory optimizer (ram optimizer) , phone optimizerfor any application using App Booster. - Use FPS Monitor to check device performance.What are you waiting for? Please GameBooster be with you!

Android 2.3.2+
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