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Gypsum ceiling is preferred because it is easier to maintain, if the gypsum ceiling is hollow or scratched, the repairs that are done are only caulking the damaged gypsum part or cutting the damaged part and reattaching it with the new palfon gypsum. Generally, the white gypsum ceiling will create a clean and comfortable feel in the room of the house, besides that the lightweight gypsum ceiling will not burden the existing home foundation, and the price is more affordable compared to the ceiling made of wood, so it will save more money when building or renovating a house.The design and model of the gypsum ceiling can be adjusted to your taste, there are minimalist gypsum ceilings, gypsum ceilings with plain models, gypsum ceilings with many carved models, even gypsum ceilings with futuristic and luxurious models. Adjust the gypsum ceiling that you choose with the design style of your home building, and now there is a gypsum ceiling connected to the lighting in the room. The selection of the gypsum ceiling model and setting the right lighting on the ceiling of the house, will create a comfortable feel, and the appearance of a beautiful and attractive room.

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