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Want to impress the crowd at the next pub-quiz?Want to dazzle your friends with your detailed knowledge of subjects in geography, history, sports and more?Look no further, QuizDuel may be just the tool you need. QuizDuel makes memorizing lists of basic information fun and challenging by using a very simple formula:- In order to remember something it needs to be repeated- In order to do something repeatedly it needs to be fun- In order for something to be fun it needs an element of competitionIn the world of QuizDuel a quiz is a number of keywords drawn from one or more categories, with a fixed number of choices for each keyword. Your task is to pick the right value for the keyword. This is probably best illustrated with an example. Let’s say you’ve picked a quiz with questions from the “Country - Capital” category and six choices per question. The “questions” will simply be the names of countries, and the six alternatives will be names of cities. Find the city that is the capital of the listed country as fast as you can, time matters.Challenge your friends to get all the right answers in the shortest amount of time and compete for a spot on the global highscore list for each category.------------------------------------------------------Look out for QuizDuel Pro in the (hopefully) near future. QuizDuel Pro will feature:- No ads- Create your own quiz- Add your own questions- ...and much more

Øyvind Andersen
Android 2.1+
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